Belbin Network

Applying the principles and processes of team based management, we are committed to growing and supporting the Belbin networks in New Zealand and the Pacific. There are a number of ways organisations, teams and individuals can join in to the discussions, development workshops and other networking activities.

  • Belbin Newsletters

    Accredited Belbin facilitators are kept informed of developments, new services and products and conferences and workshops through a Practitioners’ Newsletter. Leadership Solutions also keeps Practitioners and Clients in the loop with regular newsletters.

  • Belbin Practitioners Events

    There is also the opportunity to attend Practitioners Days. These are a mix of presentations by Belbin specialists and users on aspects of Team Roles theory and applications. These are held in both NZ and Pacific Islands locations – providing the opportunity for sharing ideas across a wide range of applications situations.

  • Belbin Information Sessions

    These three hour no-cost sessions cover the basics of the Belbin model and its applications by providing feedback on the participants’ own Team Roles profiles. They are free to anyone interested in the Belbin model and are a good opportunity for all Belbin facilitators to show interested clients the basics of Belbin and its applications.

  • Belbin Practitioners' Web Area

    All accredited Belbin Users have access to additional support services and resources via the members area of

  • Belbin Linked In Groups

    Join the online Belbin community at Linked In. Accredited Belbin Practitioners can also request to join the ‘Belbin Accredited Professionals’ group. You can also find Belbin on Facebook!

  • Belbin Associates Biennial Practitioners' UK Symposium

    An opportunity to join the international Belbin network and learn of the challenges and opportunities in applying Team Roles in a wide range of markets.

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